Blair Clark to Retire from CBM at End of May

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) announces the retirement of Rev. Blair Clark at the end of May.

Blair has served in a variety of roles in his thirty-three years of ministry with CBM.  He began his service October 6, 1982 along with his wife Janet when they were appointed to work with the Fellowship of Baptist Churches of Indonesia (KGBI).  Blair and Janet, along with their daughters Lindsay and Robin, left for Indonesia in 1983 where they were part of a new team of Canadians and Indonesians engaged in church-planting and leadership training in West Kalimantan.  Two more children — Bradley and Megan — were born on the mission field.  An unexpected serious illness with one of their children resulted in them being unable to return to Indonesia, but their legacy of new believers and discipled leaders continues to have impact in the KGBI through to today.

Blair began his work in the CBM head office in 1991.  His experience has enabled him to oversee a variety of responsibilities at different times, including international operations, personnel, alumni relations, diplomatic/parliamentary liaison, and representing Canadian Baptists on various inter-church initiatives.  In recent years Blair has overseen specific areas of engagement, such as post-earthquake work in Japan, transitioning CBM’s ministry in Brazil into a new season, post-typhoon work in the Philippines, and facilitating the first-ever Canadian Baptist Indigenous Peoples Conference.  Blair has also had significant influence in his relationships with key supporters of CBM, with many people describing how their passion for global mission began on an international trip with Blair as they heard him tell the story of CBM in a particular place.

Blair looks forward in his retirement to enjoying his grandchildren, tinkering at the cottage and being used by God wherever he possibly can.  CBM Executive Director Rev. Sam Chaise says, “Over the years of service Blair has had impact on countless numbers of people and communities, sharing God’s love and grace and empowering the transformation brought about by the Gospel.  Blair’s ‘corporate memory’ and deep faith in God’s provision will be missed.  The CBM family wishes him well as he transitions into a new season.  We know that Blair will find places to serve and that God will continue to use him.  Blair, God’s best to you.”