Building Peace and Sharing Dignity


Pastor Simon was shot and nearly died when fighting erupted in his homeland of South Sudan. While the war had torn his body and world apart, it did not destroy his faith. Although he lost his left leg, by God’s grace Pastor Simon survived and was able to recover for two months in a Juba hospital where he received a prosthetic limb.

“We lost everything,” shares Pastor Simon. “All our belongings had been stolen, many died and our home was no longer safe. It was very bad. With my family we travelled to Kakuma [a large refugee camp in northern Kenya]. We did not come alone. Thousands of us came…soon we began to meet together for prayer and worship.”

Today there are more than 800 members worshipping in Pastor Simon’s church, and 2,000 more in two of the other churches that CBM’s church partner in South Sudan, Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC), has established in the camp. Most are widows and orphans. “The people are supportive of one another and we have not lost our faith,” says Pastor Simon. “Please pray for the orphans and widows of our church. We are doing our best for each other, but the needs are so great.”