CBM Appoints Emo & Kathy Yango as Strategic Associates

Field_Staff_Bio_Pics_0038_YangoCanadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Emo & Kathy Yango as Strategic Associates. While their primary work is in spiritual formation among Muslims, they also help to build and train workers for innovative ministries amongst Muslims, such as community development projects and appreciative inquiry.

The Yangos have been leading a multinational team with a focus on biblical and theological training of local leaders while working in partnership with believers through various community development projects. Since 1998, Emo has also taught graduate level mission study programs at two Catholic universities and Protestant theological schools.

Emo was born in Manila, Philippines, and came to Canada in his early teens while Kathy was born in Sydney, NS.  After their marriage in 1984, they served as church planters in Japan for seven years.  The next season of their lives brought them to Toronto where Emo worked in urban ministry at Yonge Street Mission, and Kathy taught in the Toronto District School Board.  In 1998, the Yangos, with their three children, returned to Asia with OMF and have been working ever since among urban poor Muslims in the Southern Philippines. They will continue that work when they return to the Philippines with CBM.

The Yangos are members of Heron Park Baptist Church in Scarborough, Ontario. They will depart for the field following a time of support raising and vision sharing.