CBM concludes investigation into Rwanda food relief program

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) announces the completion of an investigation into reported irregularities within the food aid program run with our partner the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR). Due to the swift action that was taken to report the incident, a minimal amount of food was stolen (less than $1,000 US in lost food aid) and the majority of it was subsequently recovered and distributed to the beneficiaries.

Two AEBR staff who were implicated in the theft were suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. Subsequently, one staff has been dismissed and is facing potential legal consequences. The second remains on suspension until more evidence can be provided.

The food relief program from which the theft occurred concluded with the distribution of the recovered items. The food security project, which was in the first of an intended three-year program cycle, is temporarily suspended until such time as CBM, Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the AEBR are confident that it can be run effectively.

While CBM is disappointed that community beneficiaries suffered as a result of this breach, we rejoice that the situation was quickly resolved and the loss was minimal. We continue to give our full support to AEBR General Secretary Rev. Gato Munyamosoko’s leadership and commend his willingness to act upon the findings of the investigation swiftly and fairly.