Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) is pleased to announce the re-assignment of Global Field Staff David and Suzannah Nacho from Bolivia to Costa Rica, effective October 2016. The Nachos have served with CBM as Global Field Staff since 2006 in Latin America, working alongside our partners in El Salvador, Argentina, and Bolivia.

NachoIn Costa Rica, the Nachos will primarily continue to serve with the CETI Continental team. CETI offers integral mission-based interdisciplinary programs that invite students from all walks of life to a missional understanding of the church and to be part of God’s redemptive work as agents of his Kingdom, living out integral discipleship at work, family and society. David and Suzannah have been working with CETI in Argentina and Bolivia, opening study circles with key leaders among CBM’s partners.

The relocation will enable the Nachos to be more fully integrated within CETI, which is headquartered in Costa Rica. David currently serves as the Academic Dean and will provide overall leadership and strategic direction to the program, while Suzannah will serve as an adjunct professor. In addition, through CETI, the Nachos will continue to help CBM empower our partners in Bolivia, El Salvador and Cuba with resource development and teaching in the areas of theological education and integral mission.

For more information and/or a photo contact communications@cbmin.org or 905.821.3533.