CBWC Response to New Paths: Indigenous Peoples Ministry Conference

Canadian Baptists of Western Canada recently responded to CBM’s first year facilitating the New Paths: Indigenous Peoples Ministry Conference in Mississauga, ON in early April. We’d like to share the very insightful reflections on the event written by Jodi Spargur and Mark Doerksen, which you can read fully here: http://bit.ly/1o9UwhM

First, here is a summary of the event.

“Many folks gathered at Lorne Park Baptist Church to hear presenters such as Stan Beardy (Ojibway/Cree and Regional Grand Chief), Dr. Terry LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq and current director of My People International), Dr. Cheryl Bear-Barnetson (Nadleh Whut’en and award winning recording artist and on the board of North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Study) and Mark Buchanan (Assoc. Prof. at Ambrose Seminary College, Calgary).

They spoke about how the church is engaging in ministry with Canada’s First Nations, Metis, and Inuit people. Plenary sessions included topics such as an historical overview of the treatment of Indigenous People in Canada, how churches have attempted to engage in this sort of ministry, and how some engage Indigenous culture in their churches.

The workshops complemented these presentations, and there was plenty of networking, learning, and fresh realizations happening. The tone of the weekend was incredibly gracious and inviting, and those who attended wished that this sort of conference could occur just as effectively in other regions of Canada.The conference was attended on behalf of the CBWC by Jodi Spargur (Pastor of God’s House of Many Faces, Vancouver) Rod Olson (CBWC’s Refugees and Displaced Peoples Coordinator) and Mark Doerksen (CBWC’s Heartland Regional Minister), as well as by several other members of CBWC churches from Whitehorse, Vancouver Island, Kelowna and Swift River, Saskatchewan.”