Is your church looking for new material to recharge the life and mission of your church? CBM’s church resources are thoughtfully designed to nurture congregational life within its calling to be the centre of God’s mission in a broken world, whether it’s for individuals, groups or congregations.

Don’t miss Discover, a global discipleship tool to help churches discern its calling to be at the centre of God’s mission in a broken world through an assessment of its values and commitments. We encourage all churches to embark on the Discover process and rediscover its calling as a congregation. This resource can be used by small groups, congregations, pastors and small groups.

We also offer The Call to Follow, a global discipleship resource designed to help stimulate and inspire your thinking about what it means to follow Jesus within today’s global reality. This six-session resource weaves together learning, action and prayer, and can be held in a small group style.

Wordeed is a primer on integral mission – a tool to help share the transforming mission of God through word and deed, in book-form that offers small group discussion as well. It’s a resource to set the background and help shape understanding.

As we are committed to living as people who are the salt and light of the world, we are excited to share these resources with you.