Dancing, Crying, Praying: Canadians and Congolese

There are few stories as horrific as what we have heard coming out of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the past few years, detailing the use of rape as a tool of war to victimize and dis-empower women, families, and villages.  CBM’s church partner in this country has been hard at work to extend support and healing to those who have been traumatized — you can hear one of their stories here.

temp congo2Two weeks ago a number of women from Canada went on a special trip to meet their Congolese sisters to extend friendship and solidarity and to stand with them as they bear witness to God’s healing in their lives.  I asked Anne Drost, who led the team, to report briefly on what transpired.  Here’s what Anne said:

“It was a warm November morning in Gisenyi, Rwanda when 11 Canadian Baptist Women first met 11 women from DR Congo. Canadian Baptist Women have been generously supporting a project for women in the Congo who have been victims of horrible trauma relating to the ongoing conflict in their country. Women came from across Canada to spend time with Congolese women with the prayer that they might encourage them and somehow give them hope in spite of their traumatic encounters. We were delighted to meet these women but had no idea of what God would do through this just over 2 day encounter.
temp congoThe Canadian women came prepared to share testimonies, music, fun events and the word of God. What transpired through those encounters was nothing short of God’s grace and love and He met all of us as we shared together. We heard their painful stories and prayed with them and cried with them. We sang and praised God in at least 4 languages and through all of it there was healing and walls broken down. The Canadians learned to dance before the Lord as our Congolese sisters taught us and laughed so hard at our feeble attempts! By the time we were to part, no one wanted the time to end. To extend our time a little more, we all walked the 1 ½ km trek to the border. There we sang, God be with you till we meet again, in all our languages with tears streaming down our faces – another God moment.

The Canadian women will never forget these dear sisters and we each have a name of a Congolese sister to pray for and they each have the mane of a Canadian sister. To God be the glory, great things He has done!”