Dida’s Story of Faith as a Muslim


Dida* is the wife of Ismael*, an acknowledged religious leader who draws on the wisdom that comes from knowing Isa al Masih (Jesus Christ). Muslim believers like Dida and Ismael, call themselves Followers of the Straight Path. Through word and deed, they share their faith and knowledge of God within the context of their culture and Islamic religious practices, while addressing expressed felt needs through development projects. Dida has been taking part in regular biblical/theological and spiritual formation training that is being offered to women leaders through CBM’s partner in the Philippines.

“Now I understand better,” she said. “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the Straight Path that leads us to [God], the Word of God that is always truthful, and the breath of God that gives life to everyone.” Dida wants to be a faithful servant of God, and her commitment to the training program is to reproduce what she learns back in her community. As a female leader, Dida reaches out to other young women inviting them to join her in seeking the path of righteousness for their lives.

*names have been changed