Discover-Hero-Shot“The church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.” A pastor recently commented that this statement of Emil Brunner did not match the reality of his congregation. “My church exists by committee meetings to deal with music, the church roof and Sunday school teachers. Somehow there is not enough time or energy to engage in discussions about the mission of the church.”

Mission should be one of the most exciting aspects of church life. Mission occurs where the gospel of God’s love and grace encounters the needs of the world. Unfortunately, there are times when a congregation may feel that its mission strategy has evolved through circumstances and lacks a sense of focus or direction. There is a realization that the majority of church members do not connect with the mission activities, people and organizations that are supported by the budget they support.

Discover is a resource designed to assist congregations to reconnect with their passion for mission. The handbook guides a congregational working group through four distinct stages:

  1. Determining the values that will guide mission and outreach decisions regarding local, regional and global commitments.
  2. Evaluating the past in terms of budgets, volunteer time and organizations that received financial support.
  3. Considering open doors for mission and outreach and matching them with the values, gifts and interests of congregational members.
  4. Forming a mission strategy with measurable objectives.

The Discover handbook will help the working group to connect with the larger congregation at each stage of the process.

Discover was written with the feedback of a team of pastors and church leaders. CBM regional staff members will be pleased to provide training and mentoring for churches that wish to use Discover to renew their commitment to local, regional and global mission.

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About Gord King

Gordon King has worked with CBM in Bolivia and Canada. He held senior positions since 2002 as Director of Support Services, Director of the Sharing Way and Director of Church and Constituency Relations. He currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and works part-time as a resource specialist and writer. Gordon King has a passion for Christian witness on the margins. His vocational interests combine community development with New Testament theology. The book Going Global, co-authored by Gary Nelson and Terry Smith, articulates his understanding of mission in our time.