Displaced But Not Forgotten: Caring for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon


One day a bomb falls on Maria’s* building. “The apartment, the furniture, everything that we have is gone,” she tearfully recounts. They fled to Lebanon with nothing, “just the clothes we had on, that’s it.” Their journey to the border was precarious as they passed through intense shelling and clashes between armed forces.

When they arrived in Lebanon, they faced new hazards. “During our first five months we couldn’t find bread to eat…most of the days we were sleeping hungry.” Maria’s husband and sons looked for work but it was hard to find. Adding to family misery is lack of school and activities for their children. Many remain at home with nothing to do. They long to return to Syria and miss things like riding their bicycle, playing in the park, visiting grandfather and other relatives. They are becoming a lost generation.

But one day Maria hears about a church that is helping refugee families. Read the full story in our latest issue of mosaic.

*Name has been changed