Enable a Syrian Refugee Child to go to School


The ongoing conflict in Syria has left over 10 million people displaced and living as refugees in other countries. There is currently no end in sight to the conflict and families who have left everything behind to flee for safety. One of the casualties of the conflict is the education of Syrian children. CBM believes that every child has a right to learn and thrive, no matter their status of where they live. We have committed to provide assistance to 47 children this year so they can attend school and experience the joy of learning again.

$1,250 provides the tuition for one Syrian refugee child to be enrolled in school in Lebanon. For $40, give a child from a Syrian refugee family a camp experience where they can recapture the joy of childhood, and also receive trauma counselling, emotional and spiritual support. $95 will give a refugee family in Lebanon a gift basket of vital basic food items, and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank will match your gift 4:1. If you give 3 baskets, you help feed a family for the entire year.