February 7, 2017



Praise God for the ability to provide $2K to Église Évangélique Baptiste d’Ottawa and Eglise Missionnaire Évangélique Baptiste de l’Outaouais for a mission to Haiti for cholera relief in November. The funds helped purchase of a water purification system to prevent cholera and many diseases caused by the poor water quality. The team spent four days distributing medication, laying the ground-work for the provision of domestic water purification units, organising the repair and upgrade of damaged buildings, and training pastors, elders, and teachers. They attended the Sunday worship service of the Petit-Trou church, and saw three people to whom we witnessed profess faith in the Saviour. Please pray for these churches as they plan to dig a well in the future, which can be made available to the whole community in the neighbourhood of the Baptist Church in Petit-Trou de Nippes. Pray that clean water, health and sanitation would continue to be provided in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.