Given Here… Opened There


Meet a small group from Mississauga City Baptist Church, in Ontario. The CBM gift catalogue gave them an idea about how they could come together to make some kind of difference in the world. By giving the gift of a goat, they were able to participate in a tangible act of generosity as they journey in faith together. That’s where Purity, single mother of two, comes in. She was someone who actually received a gift of a dairy goat, along with seedlings and a small business loan due to CBM’s Guardians of Hope program, made possible through the generous gifts given here in Canada. While it had been a struggle for Purity to provide for her children and afford medication because she is HIV positive, with this special gift, she is able to earn extra income. The extra income enables her children to go to school now and afford health care for a long and healthy life. Watch the video ( to hear the full story from Mississauga City Baptist, and visit the link below for more ideas on how to explore group giving this season!