Hawa’s Inspiration


My name is Hawa. I have a young daughter. I fled war in Somalia where my mom was killed. I too was shot but survived after months in the hospital. People who helped me get to Kenya insisted that I marry a relative to show appreciation for saving my life. A few months later, pregnant with our child, my husband divorced me and remarried in Somalia. I work hard, but it was not enough. We often skip meals.

CBM has really helped me in finding friendship, a group that I can belong to, and skills training. I can make scarves and diras (Somali dress). I get a share of the group business profits and am encouraged to work harder and stay committed to my group. I am especially grateful for my daughter’s scholarship. If not for CBM, she would not have had this opportunity. She loves school and likes to read. God is my inspiration. He always finds a way to help me. I have come from nothing and now have peace.

This $200 gift of Supporting a Women’s Entrepreneur Group in this year’s Hopeful Gifts for Change Gift Catalogue helps women living in a slum in Nairobi, Kenya to form or expand a self-help group to save and loan funds for the start-up of small businesses. They also receive support, encouragement and accountability from their peers. You can be involved in the lives of other women and children, just like Hawa.