Healing Marielle’s Wounds


CBM Executive Director Terry Smith recently visited Democratic Republic of Congo, where some communities report that the incidence of rape is as high as 50 percent of the female population. In one church, 87 percent of the females are victims of sexual violence. Daughters, mothers, grandmothers…no one is exempt from the cruelty and violence. As women share their stories, we wonder how they can recover from such trauma. Where is there hope for these courageous women? How can we walk alongside them as they recover their dignity? Marielle* is one of these women.

“I was 16 and on my way to a good education and future. One day when I was home with my sister, four men in uniform broke into our house. They raped me and my sister. Now I have a baby to care for. The counsellors heard about me and came to my house. They got me to the hospital to get the care I needed. They invited me to a support group. I received a $50 loan to start a business. I have not gone back to school because I must look after my child so I do not know what the future holds. I pray every day that God will help me forget, and that I will be able to care for my child.”

*name has been changed