Hope After HIV: Pascasie’s Story


Forty-five-year-old Pascasie lives in Rwanda. She has four children and one grandchild. One of her children she adopted after finding him all alone during the 1994 Genocide. Pascasie joined a local Guardians of Hope (GOH) group in 2001 after she became very sick. She feared she might have HIV but was too afraid to get tested. However her neighbours were GOH members and they encouraged her to get tested, assuring her that there was medicine that would help her gain her health back.

After several visits from GOH and comforting words from the Bible, Pascasie mustered up the courage to get tested. When she discovered that she was HIV positive, all hope was not lost because of the counsel and care that she received from GOH.  They gave her rabbits to help her earn family income, and eventually a pig that led to three litters of piglets. She was also taught how to use manure from her farm animals as organic fertilizer to grow healthier crops. “GOH has been a family and hope for me!” says Pascasie. “Life was so difficult. When they came to me, I was not even able to provide food for my children!”

Pascasie has hope for the future thanks to God’s hand in her life, and the support of GOH.