Hopeful Gifts for Change


This year, you can participate in the renewal of life in a broken world! In a world broken by extreme poverty, health pandemics such as HIV and AIDS, civil conflict and other global issues, you are there to respond with God’s love and compassion. Together with church partners around the world, CBM has the community presence, commitment and local expertise to transform the lives of people most impacted by the pressing issues of our time. That is why we have the Hopeful Gifts for Change gift catalogue.

Your purchase of gifts from the Hopeful Gifts for Change will give marginalized children and families what they need for fuller and healthier lives. The best way to honour your loved ones is to give someone in our world the gift of life. Find a gift you want to give someone from one of eight categories – Food, Animals, Education, Play, Health, Livelihoods, Leadership, and Ongoing Needs. Challenge yourself as a family, as a small group, or as a church, and together you can give gifts of hope this Christmas that make a significant difference.

Don’t forget – you can also order free Christmas cards with every gift purchase! On your order form or online, indicate how many cards you wish to receive. Online, it is listed as a ‘gift’ item. They will be mailed directly to you so you can write in their name and a personal message before giving it to them. Alternatively, if you give online, you also have the option of sending them a personalized e-card after you make your purchase.

Even better – you can use our gift catalogue any time in the year, even after Christmas.  Many people use it to honour loved ones for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or other special occasions! So don’t delay, and let’s celebrate the spirit of generosity this season to make a real difference in the lives of real people.