How Far Can $100 Go?


There is a story of a female farmer who received a microcredit loan to purchase a goat. The ability to buy this animal changed her life. She and her family had better nutrition from the milk it provided. The additional income meant she was able to send her children to school and afford health care. The simple gift of a goat had given her hope for a future she had never imagined. You might assume she must have received a large loan to accomplish all of this. But no – the loan she received equalled just over $100 Canadian dollars! It is an incredible reminder that with a small hand-up, enterprising men and women all over the world can significantly improve their lives.

Here’s a small list of things a $100 gift to CBM can do:

Feed a Syrian refugee family for one month – Many recent refugees in our country will experience their first Canadian Christmas this year. However, in Lebanon, millions of Syrian refugees are still struggling to survive. A monthly box of food supplies ensures families will receive the nutrients they need to work and study and rebuild their lives.

Support a church in the Global South for one month – Local churches all over the world act as salt and light in broken communities. They minister in unimaginable circumstances amidst conflict, disease, and poverty. Support from their Canadian brothers and sisters provides them with encouragement and the resources they need to effectively reach people with the Gospel.

Provide medication for an HIV-positive person – The AIDS pandemic has largely dropped from public consciousness in Canada, but it has not gone away. Last year, 45% of new HIV infections occurred in Eastern and Southern Africa. However, having HIV is no longer a death sentence. Access to medication means people can live long, healthy lives.

Sponsor a Chagas awareness workshop in a local community – One of the best ways to prevent and control and the spread of Chagas disease in Bolivia is through education. The poor are particularly vulnerable to this life-threatening disease because of the construction materials used in their homes. One workshop held in a local community can save the lives of hundreds of people.

This is just the beginning. There are so many other things your gifts do in the lives of others. Respond before December 31, 2016, and all donations (up to $20,000) will be matched by a very generous CBM donor!