January 3, 2017



Please pray for people living in Bolivia, as lack of rain has created great difficulty in many parts of the country and long-term relief is not evident, even with the recent start of rains. Bolivia is facing the worst drought in many years. As often happens, those on the margins do not have water tanks and purchasing water is a hardship. Pray for the Bolivian church and for CBM’s partners, as they seek to care for those in these challenging situations, and to continue to speak up for creation care and stewardship of God’s creation. Praise God for the movement of many churches who are serving the greater community outside of their church walls, including food banks, weekly dinners for needy people, education and activities for children in need, job skills training, and substance abuse counselling and support. Pray for our CBM Latin America Field Staff as they travel, address issues, and develop deeper relationships with partners all across Latin America.