January 3, 2017



Please pray for guidance for Ken and Wendy Derksen, CBM Field Staff in Rwanda, and CBM’s partner the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda, as they seek a solution for the community of Mahama. It is one of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Food Security program sites, in Rwanda’s Eastern province.  They are in the midst of a very severe drought resulting in a growing hunger crisis. As one local leader described it, “this is the worst drought the farmers have experienced since 2005”. To make matters worse, the previous planting season yielded a much poorer harvest than normal that left many farmers with very little food storage to feed their families and tide them over in times like this. This is a very sad and complex problem, because in this community there are over 1300 households and food aid would be needed at least until the end of the next growing season. Please pray for needs to be met, and for solutions to be found quickly.