May 24, 2016



Just over a week ago, heavy rains coupled with high water levels in the Tana River burst the banks that protected the communities of Sankuri, Zwani and Bukuyu in Kenya. The floods washed away homes, farms, and belongings of the hundreds of families living in the villages of Bukuyu. In the days that followed, CBM National Field Staff William and Geoffrey assisted Red Cross workers in gathering small boats to rescue families stranded in the flood area. Today, CBM is assisting 286 of these families with emergency food rations, medical assistance and mosquito netting as they shelter in make shift tents outside of the flood area.

Please join us in praying for the families displaced by the floods. May our God of love protect them and bring new hope to a community who have suffered so much loss and discouragement. Please pray for our CBM colleagues William, Geoffrey and Andai who are leading the relief response for CBM in this community. We also remember three of our partner churches who have had their sanctuaries hit by the floods. We praise God for the way local Christians are helping one another and their neighbours during this crisis. (update shared by Aaron & Erica Kenny)