Shared by CBM Field Staff, Jonathan and Jan Mills.

Nadine is one of seven children. Her father left before her youngest sister was born.  He had HIV and AIDS and led an unhealthy lifestyle.  Nadine’s mom started to get sick, dropping to 30 kg and was very ill from HIV and AIDS.  Unable to feed the family, the children were suffering from malnutrition.  She could not pay for rent so all eight of them had no place to go.  She had little hope.  Then Pastor Jonas heard about their situation and arranged for them to live in one end of a parsonage.  He recommended that CBM’s Children of Hope program could help.

Nadine goes to school now!  She has hope for the future since she started on medication for HIV, through the program. Yes, Nadine was born with the illness.  Her mother is also on the medication and feels much better. She has been given training to sew and also has a pump sewing machine.  The rest of the children have received schooling also. Her older sister has gone to hairdressing school. And her little sister will start school next year.  She is really happy that her little sister does not have the disease. Nadine wants to be a nurse, to help people the way the nurses helped her to feel better when she was sick.  She loves school and loves life.  With her mother able to sew and make a little money, the family is doing better.

Thankfully Pastor Jonas met this family when he did.  This is one of many families and children that have been supported over the years.  Many are orphans but many are vulnerable children like Nadine.  With health care, nutritional coaching and schooling, this family is planning for tomorrow.