New, Sharper Vision . . . But the Same Mission

For 140 years Canadian Baptists have joined hands together to step outside of Canada to bring God’s love to a broken world.  The world has changed a lot – and many times — over those 140 years!  And yet, God’s mission does not change.

Last year CBM underwent an extensive re-Visioning process, where we listened to God, one another, our international partners, and our churches, to discern God’s call on us for the next season.  We did this because we want to stay current with what God is doing.  What emerged from this time of listening and discerning was a sharper vision that we believe is God’s will for us in this era.

Key elements of this sharper vision are:

  • We see the local church as the centre of God’s mission.  This means that we will seek to empower local churches in our international work to be the catalyst and centre of God’s mission in their location
  • We believe that God wants to bring healing to the world’s brokenness.  This includes all aspects of brokenness, including material need, spiritual hunger, unjust situations, oppression of vulnerable people, and more.  Whatever is broken in our world needs God’s healing!
  • We believe that God’s mission is accomplished by word and deed intertwined in the local church.  Just as Jesus both spoke and acted, we believe that mission includes both – this is ‘integral mission’

With a new vision in place we also developed a new way of expressing our identity and vision – this is our new “brand”.  This video introduces your church to our new brand, which also expresses our new vision.  Please share it with your congregation so that they are encouraged in their participation in God’s mission today.

This is an exciting time to be a part of God’s global church.  The Spirit is on the move and we see evidence of this in many places.  We invite you to partner with us as part of the Canadian Baptist family as we move into the God-filled future that is in store for us.