No! Why?!

“I was speaking at a conference with my son Graham (20, married, a university student); I was extolling the West’s commitment to peace, and a middle eastern man, who looked haunted and broken, stood up in the first row and came on stage, and asked ‘do you really want to know how we feel?’

“I proudly held open my arms and said ‘Yes, I want to know’—and the moment the words left my lips, he pulled out a pistol and shot Graham in the head. I knew my only son was dead before I caught him in my arms.

“I cried out two things: ‘No!’ and ‘Why?!’ Both statements were futile.

“Then my grief and rage were greater than the sea, and I turned blindly to grab the gun, to end the man, and then destroy his children, and erase his grandchildren from human history, and then to put all of his entire race at the bottom of my sea.

“And I looked in his eyes and saw that he was already dead, that his children were already doomed, that his great-great grandchildren were already to be cursed with grief and rage.

“The broken man said, ‘now you know how we feel’.

“Then I woke up.”

© Dennis J. Hassell Lent 2014.  Used with permission. (Thanks, Dennis.)