Praying for Peace in South Sudan

Saphano Riak, General Secretary of Faith Evangelical Baptist Churches (FEBAC), our partner in South Sudan, shares recently of the reality that, for many of the population, they have known nothing but war in their entire lifetime.

“We are thankful for your continued support and prayers for South Sudan. It remains our hope and faith that God will intervene in the situation and South Sudan will experience true and sustainable peace, stability, ethnic coexistence and prosperity for its people. Sudan has been known for its many wars and little time for peace and development. For the purposes of information, the wars fought in Sudan are:

(a) first North-South conflict (1955-1972)

(b) second North-South conflict (1983-2005)

(c) South-South Conflict 2013-2015)

(d) collapse of the peace accord and resumption of war in Juba (July 2016-present)

South Sudanese families fleeing attacksSome of us were born during the war, lived through the war and may even die through the war. I was born during the first North-South conflict named Riak, meaning “unrest or destruction” in the Dinka language, although I don’t destroy or cause unrest.

As I speak, civilians are suffering inside Juba and other parts of the country at the hands of their brothers. This is unacceptable. I have attached a photo that a Nuer pastor friend sent to me highlighting the misery of his people in Leer County of Unity State. It broke my heart to see children and women braving floods to escape death!”

Please remember to pray for the people of South Sudan, in the midst of their suffering. Pray for strength, wisdom, courage, resources, and God’s divine intervention, and for CBM’s partner, FEBAC.

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