Reconcilers in the Canadian Context


In this special summer issue of World At Your Door, we bring you some of our most eclectic pieces from our latest 2016 mosaic magazine. CBM Executive Director Terry Smith marks that this issue of mosaic “is a clarion call to our Canadian Baptist church family to become other. We, who have been reconciled to God, have been entrusted with the mandate of being reconcilers, (2 Cor. 5:18), bringing together that which was previously separated, uniting divided pieces of the fabric of God’s plan. But too often, our refusal to ‘become something other’, to be totally changed, is, in itself, our greatest obstacle to the restoration of ruptured relations”.

We are all learning to become the “other”, whether we are speaking of race relations, identity, or culture. It is God’s work being done to reconcile and restore our brokenness and history – keep reading for more insight into how it is being done in our country!