Refugees Welcome: Caring for Syrian Refugees in Canada


Within seven months (Nov ’15 to May ‘16) over 27,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Canada. Canadian Baptists committed to sponsoring 100 families affected by the crisis in the Middle East. Timberlea Baptist Church, of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches, was one of the churches to rise to the challenge.

This past New Year’s Day, they welcomed a Syrian refugee family of seven, with children ranging in age from 4 to 12. This was the first time the church attempted a venture like this. With only a congregation of about 60-70, they came together to raise all the necessary funds and involve the wider community. From outfitting the kitchen supplies and food to putting together furniture and accessing translators, they made sure every detail was looked after. The family is deeply grateful for the church’s loving response to their situation. Read more of the story with children’s drawings, activities and other fun learning in the new Kids Care: My Home Away from Home.