Remembering Rev. G. Babu Rao

Rev G Babu Rao

It is with deep sadness that CBM announces the sudden death of Rev. G. Babu Rao, former CBM national field staff in India.  Rev. Babu Rao had traveled from his home in Hyderabad to Kakinada to give the Christmas chapel message to the students and staff at Kakinada Seminary in their final chapel before the Christmas break.  While preaching, Rev. Babu  Rao collapsed, suffering a serious heart attack.  He was rushed to hospital, but could not be revived.

Rev. Babu Rao joined CBM in May, 2001 after many years of ministry as a pastor, as a seminary professor at Andhra Christian Theological College, and as a staff worker with the India Bible Society.  Rev. Babu Rao was involved in leading workshops and seminars for pastors and lay leaders among the various CBM-related churches, as well as working with the hospitals and other CBM-related Christian institutions in India.

Born into the untouchable caste in India, Rev. Babu Rao transcended the barriers of caste and faithfully served the full spectrum of the church in India.  In spite of discrimination that he faced at different points in his ministry, he remained a gracious, humble servant of the Lord and of His church.  Rev. Babu Rao completed BA and BD degrees at Serampore University (founded by Wm. Carey), an M.Th. degree in Old Testament in Germany, and did PhD studies at Union Theological Seminary in Bangalore.

Rev. Babu Rao is survived by his wife Ratnavathi and his three children, Pradeep, Pavani and Preethi.

CBM’s India team leader, Dr. Suraj Komaravalli and CBM’s development coordinator C P Raju represented CBM at Rev. Babu Rao’s funeral service.