She Matters Too: Caring for Refugee Women in Kenya


Hawa fled war in Somalia after her mom was killed. She too was shot but survived. Today she is a single mom struggling to raise her daughter in a harsh, slum area of Nairobi. “CBM has really helped me in finding friendship, a group that I can belong to (Self-Help Groups) and skills training. I get a share of the group business profits and am encouraged to work harder. God is my inspiration. He always finds a way to help me. I have come from nothing and now have peace.”

She Matters Too is the next step in CBM’s campaign for gender equity, to educate, equip and empower some of the world’s most marginalized girls and women. One of the important initiatives supported in this year’s campaign is Self-Help Groups among refugee women in Kenya.

And coming this fall: She Matters 3 to empower women leaders.

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