An important annual event that occurs in Moncton, NB is a youth conference called Springforth, where students & leaders are challenged to taking a springing leap forward with God in their lives, while raising awareness and funds around an important cause.

In partnership with CBM, for the past several years, the students of Springforth have been supporting projects in Kenya, first in helping provide food security through raising funds for seeds, tools and trees for farmers in need, and now for vulnerable orphans and children that are part of CBM’s Guardians of Hope program for those impacted by HIV and AIDS. Springforth is sending kids to camp – Kamp Tumaini! Canadian & Kenyan Christian youth volunteer together to give children impacted by HIV and AIDS a camp experience filled with hope, hosting activities that include time for play, learning crafts and skills, connecting with each other, and Bible studies. A once in a lifetime experience.

Kenya is the country with the 4th largest number of HIV and AIDS infections in the world, with approximately 1.4 million Kenyans currently live with HIV. Around 160,000 of these are children.

Children in families affected by HIV and AIDS experience stigma, isolation, fear, grief and loneliness. Many have lost parents and other loved ones to AIDS, and some are HIV positive themselves. CBM’s Guardians of Hope program helps overcome stigma through education, assists with community development projects, and provides resources to help communities respond to needs of orphans. You can also help send a child to camp! Join us in bringing a very Canadian experience to the lives of Kenyan children.