Terrorism and Refugees: A Personal Reflection


CBM’s Resource Specialist, Gord King, shares a reflection on recent events that have rocked the globe. Here is an excerpt from that reflection, found on our website.

“Events in the past month provoked strong reactions in many of us. An explosion on a plane carrying tourists from Egypt. A bombing in Beirut. The coordinated attack on Paris. The murders at a hotel in Mali. The virtual shutdown of life in Brussels because of warnings about terrorist acts. These recent news stories build upon reports from other places during 2015. We have been exposed to violence in the Ukraine, Israel, Sudan, and Kenya. Television cameras have captured images of refugees crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa in overcrowded boats. We witnessed tens of thousands of refugees walking through Europe. These people know that they are not wanted – but they are desperate. Our faith speaks into the confusion, anger and despair of this time in history. Our scriptural traditions remind us […] that God is always concerned for people on the margins including the victims of violence. God always calls us to the margins to meet them and assist them. The following is a description of God found in the poetry of the Old Testament:

But you do see!
Indeed you note trouble and grief,
That you may take it into your hands;
The helpless commit themselves to you.
You have been the helper of the widow and orphan.

The writer of Psalm 10 ends the poem by expressing hope that those who terrorize the powerless will be brought to an end and that oppressed people will find justice. This may be a good place to begin and end our prayers for the world during this difficult time.”