Did you know, November 20 is International Children’s Day? Kingsway Baptist Church in Etobicoke, Ontario is making opportunities for children to be children every day of the year!  As they recognized a particular need in their community and are reaching out to fill it, they developed the rEcess Program, “which provides children with special needs and their siblings a safe place to share one-to-one play time with a buddy chosen just for them. Brothers and sisters, who often shoulder greater responsibility within the family, also get to enjoy a few hours to just be a kid. The program also provides their parents with four precious hours to themselves – to go on a date, go shopping or whatever else they wish.

God’s love is shown through the dedicated volunteer community that has formed to run the rEcess Program. Compassion is being experienced in practical ways, as expressed in the gratitude of the families who benefit from the program. The program has also influenced the wider community to be intentional about including and accepting people with different abilities. Together they celebrate these beloved children who are made in the image of our loving Father”.