To Give… and to Receive


One of the Beatitudes that is often hard to believe is: “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35). Incredibly, we often do find this to be the case, don’t we? It may clash with some of our deepest instincts, but there are several reasons why Scripture leads us to believe this truth.  The heart behind giving can point to the true character of God. At the heart of the Gospel message is sacrificial self-giving (John 3:16), and in this season of Advent, leading to our Saviour’s birth, we are gently reminded of this life-giving and eternally-impacting message. The spirit of giving is an act of worship, obedience and a testimony of God’s power and provision. Ultimately, it can advance His Kingdom beyond ways we can even imagine. So this season, let us remember where the heart of giving begins, and where it all ends – in the hands of our Almighty Father in Heaven.