Update From Nepal


No doubt you will now be aware of another large earthquake in Nepal.

This earthquake has struck further west of Kathmandu with a magnitude of 7.3, in the Mount Everest region. Several large aftershocks have also been reported ranging between 5.0 and 6.3. The BBC have some good updates on this with a map.

The United States Geological Service was always predicting that there would be another major earthquake because of not enough tension being released in the April earthquake. However, its prediction was that this would be in the next decade rather than, days. We can be thankful however, that the country and organisations based in Nepal are in ‘relief mode’, ready to respond.

UNOCHA has reported the collapse of some buildings in Kathmandu. However, it is hoped that the buildings left most damaged and precarious by the previous earthquake and aftershocks, will have been empty/fallen in aftershocks/out of bounds. It is expected that fatalities and casualties will occur and there is a continued risk of landslides and avalanches.

Currently we can report all of our partner agency BMS personnel are safe.

Continue to pray for:

  • Those affected by this recent earthquake and aftershocks
  • The fears and nerves of the Nepali people who have again been shaken by this earthquake
  • Those responding: that they are able to discern the way forward and the most appropriate way to respond
  • The capacities of everyone involved: that they do not burn out, or take on too much, rather responses are thought through, coordinated and effective
  • The families and Nepali diaspora based outside of the country who are no doubt again worried and concerned.