Why Use a Facilitator?

CBM is committed to helping churches discover its mission heart by using the Discover resource. To help, we offer the service of a CBM facilitator to work with your church.

Why use a facilitator for your church’s Discover workshop?

First of all, CBM facilitators have a thorough knowledge of the Discover material, have been trained in its content and can guide group dynamics and process. “But someone in our church can do that”, you’re thinking.  However, what that “someone” cannot do for your church, is what is most important.

An outside facilitator is objective, unbiased and not involved in any actual church decision making. They are neither a decision maker, an influencer, nor a stakeholder in the results.

Having a CBM facilitator allows your church leaders to sit back and become participants in the discussion. During the Discover process, leaders are more effective when they sit at the table and participate as part of the team, rather than trying to lead.

An outside facilitator can guide the discussion and help balance the participation of group members, observing and sharing information back to the group for their reflection and response.  Above all, a facilitator can ask the difficult or “stupid” questions that others may not want to ask, or assume everyone knows.

A successful Discover process takes a significant investment of time and energy and having an effective facilitator will ensure that group members stay on track and on time by keeping conversations focused on the desired outcome. Building a common vision for mission and committing to the actions that will make that vision a reality, is an investment well worth making.

Brenda Halk, Strategic Associate