World Health Day is a global day for health awareness, and this year we want you to meet Goreth. She is a leader of her local Guardians of Hope (GOH) group. She lost her husband to AIDS and she and her son are HIV positive and taking antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. Many children, like Goreth’s son, have experienced stigma – and are teased, bullied or isolated by those who don’t understand, or have fear of, the disease. Yet there is hope, through dedicated churches and programs like Guardians of Hope in Rwanda.

Guardians of Hope is a church-based CBM program that supports families most impacted by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India. They provide spiritual and emotional counsel, encourage families to get tested, help provide access to medical care, pay school fees, start income-generating activities, kitchen gardens, awareness and prevention campaigns, and other activities to improve life and reduce stigma. Goreth gets to experience the joy of hopeful living in the faces of those she supports every day.

Want to involve your Sunday School or youth group on the issue of advocating for greater awareness around issues of health in a global setting? Order a free copy of Kids Care, which features Goreth’s story.