Michael & Melanie Waddell

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Serving in the Philippines Michael and Melanie are Global Field Staff with Canadian Baptist Ministries, appointed in August 2015 to serve in the Philippines.  Michael and Melanie, along with their four children, live in Roxas City, Capiz on the island of Panay. Michael and Melanie serve alongside CBM colleagues and partners in the

Bruno & Kathleen Soucy

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Serving in Bolivia As Latin America Team Leaders Bruno and Kathleen Soucy support CBM’s Field Staff, church partners and programs in Bolivia, El Salvador and Cuba. They also are exploring additional partnership possibilities in other Latin America countries. Bruno and Kathleen are passionate about working with local churches in Latin America to develop

CP Raju

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Serving in India CP serves with CBM in India. He was appointed Senior Program Coordinator in 2012 to help the community development team work towards integral mission. His key responsibilities include operations management, budgeting, personnel deployment as well as project monitoring and reporting. Prior to commencing his service with CBM, CP was the

Patty Nacho

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Serving in Bolivia Patty is a passionate follower of Jesus. She is very proud of her birthplace, the city of La Paz, the political and commercial hub of Bolivia and the highest “capitol “city in the world! She has been invested in the local Bolivian church throughout her life, as a leader in

David & Suzannah Nacho

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Serving in Costa Rica David and Suzannah Nacho serve in the area of leadership formation and theological education in Latin America. Their ministry out of Costa Rica has local, regional and global impact through CETI (Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies). CETI is a learning community of students, faculty and administrators that uses a

Ruth Munyao

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Serving in Kenya Ruth serves with CBM as Senior Food Security Specialist in Africa, with specific reference to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan. She is Kenyan and brings her expertise in community development, program design, monitoring and evaluation as well as commitment to integral mission, and deep faith

Conrad & Fiona Kwok

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Serving in Thailand Conrad and Fiona Kwok serve with CBM as the Chinese Ministries Team Leaders in Asia. Based in Thailand, the Kwoks help develop a culture of integral mission in the local churches throughout our network of Chinese Ministry partners – providing strategic support in the areas of leadership formation and community