Patty Nacho

Serving in Bolivia

Patty is a passionate follower of Jesus. She is very proud of her birthplace, the city of La Paz, the political and commercial hub of Bolivia and the highest “capitol “city in the world! She has been invested in the local Bolivian church throughout her life, as a leader in the Baptist Bolivian Youth and also as a deacon in her local church. Before joining CBM as the Global Discipleship Coordinator for Bolivia (February 2015), she worked as an auditor for the Norwegian Mission Alliance in Bolivia. With a degree in Finance and currently working towards completing her MSc in Management and Finance, Patty brings significant organizational skills to her role and a strong commitment to excellence in all that she does. Most importantly we see Patty as a person committed to prayer with a deep sensitivity to God’s leading and with her caring presence, is a welcome addition to the Bolivia team.

In her first year with CBM, Patty has earned our respect as she manages work with our Bolivian partners and churches as well as the dynamics involved in communicating effectively with our Canadian church family.
Patty says, “ It has been a wonderful experience for me to understand more about both Bolivian and Canadian churches and to see how God is working with and through us. I have been blessed to have great colleagues that are serving as CBM Field Staff in Bolivia. I think that our work as a team will strengthen our abilities and gifts. Our CBM partners, UBB and OBADES, while going through significant organizational changes this past year, have been a great support. I know that God is faithful and I look forward to what He will bring this year for Bolivia and Canada.”

“Patty is an incredible gift to CBM and the work in Bolivia. I was able to see first – hand the way she engages visitors from Canada and helps them to understand the Bolivian culture, learn from our partner, and engage well with the projects. Her humble attitude, wisdom and clear heart for the poor help her lead Canadian teams in thoughtful theological reflection and meaningful engagement as they serve and learn together in Bolivia.” Adrian Gardner, Team Leader for Church Engagement

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Acting in Faith – Part 1

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CBM and Westview Baptist Church produced an online workshop last January 30, 2021 entitled “Acting in Faith: Mission in the Age of COVID”. The workshop looked at the impact of COVID-19 on churches around the world. Download This Resource


Pray for the Patty Nacho

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Blessed Father, thank you very much for being with us every single day of 2020. Thank you for being our Emmanuel! Not only have you been with us, but you have also been our Jehovah Jireh! As we begin this year, we need to ask  for your guidance. 2020 was so uncertain and sometimes this discouraged us. But we know that nothing escapes your control and this also brought comfort to our hearts. You are our Father, who loves us and will be with us until the end of days. Dear Lord, we ask for


Pray with Patty Nacho

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Lord, who is in Heaven, thank you for being our Father, the best Father we could ask for. You are loving, patient, and protective. Our God, today we want to express to you what is in our hearts, which you already know, but which we are glad to say to you audibly as a sign that you are a Father who inclines his ear to his sons and daughters. We beg you to protect us from any attack by the enemy. Help us to overcome our sins. We ask for protection against COVID and for


Bolivia Updates from Patty Nacho

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Saludos desde Bolivia! / Greetings from Bolivia! Wow, it is difficult to start this letter, the worldwide situation with COVID 19 has changed our lives in many ways. It is incredible to think of everything that is happening, so much uncertainty, so much desolation for the pain of the people who have left. It is a time where we are surrounded by uncertainty and doubt, but at the same time it is a time when we can fill ourselves with the only thing totally certain and true, which is GOD, our good Heavenly Father. This is

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Ministry Update – April 2020