A Postcard? Really?!

These pages are usually reserved for JUST THINK. Typically, it’s an illustration of a statistic related to the issue’s theme – a little food for thought. However, in this issue of Mosaic we want you to go beyond just thinking and challenge you to JUST ACT.

We are asking you to engage in an act of advocacy on behalf of others. Dare we even challenge you to act politically? It comes as no surprise that our faith is meant to inform our actions, the way we move in the world, engage with it, and even challenge it. As such, we’re asking you to perform an act of social and political advocacy – to speak up on behalf of the 821 million people who are going to bed hungry every night while Canadian aid continues to decline.

Will you do it?

You may protest, “Whoa, slow your roll, Mosaic! I don’t get involved in politics.” But that simply isn’t true. It’s actually nearly impossible. If you turned on a light, brushed your teeth with running water or travelled on a road today… you were politically involved. There isn’t a moment in our day that isn’t politically impacted. That’s not a bad thing. It is a shared thing.

Polis is the Greek word for “city.” It’s where we get the word “politics,” which translates to “of the city.”

Right now there are fellow citizens, elected by other citizens, who sit on committees about roads or water or air or taxes, and participate in determining the welfare of the polis. These decisions shape our cities, provinces and country. Our life together is shaped by politics. We may not always like the decisions or agree with policies, but we are thankful that in this country our votes and voices can affect, change and reshape our collective. Together, we create our common good and suffer our common ills.

You may say “Christians should just stay out of politics!” Tell that to a young Baptist pastor who was a passionate advocate for our shared, even sacred, life together. He would become the father of universal health care in Canada – a citizen committed to “building a society and building institutions that would uplift mankind.” The next time you go to the doctor, thank Tommy Douglas, a politically-active Baptist pastor!

So… will you do it?

It’s simple. Sign the attached postcard, add your name and postal code, then drop it in the nearest mailbox. That’s it. No postage required. If you do it along with the 15,999 other Mosaic readers, we will collectively be expressing our shared political life together as Baptists, on behalf of those living in poverty globally.

If you choose to leave this postcard where it is, you forfeit your voice and influence. If we all do that, who will speak up for the marginalized and those who don’t have the opportunity to be heard? When you watch the news about famine and you think Canada should be demonstrating leadership on the global stage on behalf of the poor, just think back to this postcard sitting silently in the folds of these pages.

But… will you do it?



Mosaic is a community forum of local and global voices united by a shared mission. Mosaic will serve as a catalyst to stimulate and encourage passionate discipleship among Canadian Baptists and their partners.

Winter 2019

Table of Contents

Bringing Good News

A Reflection on Poverty and the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Jonathan R. Wilson

Left Behind

How Relational Poverty is Affecting Children in China by Nicolette Baharie


On page 17 of the Fall 2018 issue of Mosaic, there is a picture of Elisi, a Rwandan farmer. She is one of the people who benefit from CBM’s membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. That’s because all of our agricultural projects in South Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and India funded through the Foodgrains Bank receive matching grants from Global Affairs Canada. More funding means more farmers like Elisi get the assistance they need to prevent starvation, malnutrition and preventable illnesses.

Care about ending global poverty and hunger and want Canada to help create a better world for all? Tell the Prime Minister that you care about Canada’s commitment to help feed the hungry around
the world. Say I CARE today.