Aaron & Erica Kenny

Serving in Kenya

Aaron and Erica Kenny serve as Africa Team Leaders, providing continental leadership and support for CBM’s team, partnerships, and programs. In addition, the Kennys direct CBM’s Muslim Ministries in Kenya where they are involved in strengthening local churches in reaching out to their Muslim neighbors through integral mission. They are leading peace and reconciliation initiatives, self-help groups, literacy projects, food security and micro-enterprise development.” At the heart of integral mission is the great command to love God and to love our neighbors – these two cannot be separated.”

The Kennys joined CBM in 2006 and first served among the displaced refugee population living in Eastleigh (an urban ghetto in Nairobi), helping to start and empower women’s self-help groups. They also provided leadership for CBM’s Relief and Development ministries in the North Eastern Province – a region susceptible to drought and civil conflict. They have a passion for ministering among the most marginalized and cultivating Christian/Muslim relationships. In 2010, they became the coordinators of the Guardians of Hope program in Africa. Prior to their appointment to CBM, Aaron and Erica ministered in churches in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They have three children: Tristan, Emma and Ava.

Latest Ministry Updates


Kamp Tumaini

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In August 2018, we held the fourth summer of Kamp Tumaini in Kenya. Volunteers from across Canada, from New Brunswick to British Colombia, joined us in leading three camps with our Kenyan partners. Along with days of music, fun, and laughter, the camps provided times for sharing, prayer, and encouragement. Over these past six years of preparation, training and ministry, Kamp Tumaini has introduced a new way of approaching children’s and youth ministry among our Kenyan and South Sudanese partners. It has been wonderful to witness ministers and executive leaders from our denominational partners un-tuck


Looking Back

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From Africa Team Leaders, Aaron and Erica Kenny's recent update: "Looking back has lessons to teach us, but as our friend Rev. Jeremiah Ngumo cautioned us, we need to 'treat the past as a rear view mirror -- you bounce a look from time to time, but you dare not stare into it. You must keep your eyes ahead on the road before you.' More than good driving advice, Jeremiah's words remind us that God's story is not finished and that we must live expectantly." Read the Blog


South Sudan

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From Africa Team Leaders, Aaron and Erica Kenny's recent blogpost: "Since November 2017, CBM and FEBAC [CBM's church partner in South Sudan] have been providing monthly rations to 570 vulnerable households recently returned to the community of Melut in South Sudan's Upper Nile State. As we help these returnees establish themselves, we recognize that many more internally displaced people are desperate for peace and an opportunity to return to their farms and homes." Please continue to pray for the millions who have been forced to flee and are anxious to resume their lives before the conflict.


Our Shared Story

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“If you wish to move mountains tomorrow”, says the African proverb, “You must start by lifting stones today.” The daily responsibilities and routines of lifting life’s stones can seem to blur together. It is startling to stop and realize just how quickly those days go by and before you know it, the entire terrain has been transformed around you. Featured Image: A beneficiary in the Africa Brotherhood Church Guardians of Hope, Machakos, Kenya The labour of the Church in Africa is such a story of faithfulness and the blessing of God that has reshaped the people and



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2018 marks the 40th anniversary of CBM's outreach in Garissa and the former North Eastern Province of Kenya. We praise to God for the relationships he has enabled Canadian Baptists to build with local Muslim and Christian communities in the area. Ask for continued strength and safety for local church pastors and leaders who minister in difficult circumstances, as well as for CBM staff who walk alongside them.  LEARN MORE

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