Dear Lord,

In the name of Jesus Christ, our King and Saviour, we come before you today. We are praying for the work in Africa. For several years Africa has been known as home to extreme poverty and violence in addition to natural calamities such as severe drought, flooding and swarms of locusts. However, we know and believe that you love this land and our people and you have a good plan for healing and restoration. You are using different people in your restoration including the CBM team in Africa.

Lord, give the team more insight, wisdom and passion as each individual uses their God-given talents and gifts to touch and equip your people. Lord, thank you for African partner churches – these are people you have saved and whom you have called to your mission to expand your Kingdom, so that your people will live in shalom and dignity.

South Sudan: This country has been going through different turmoil – ethnic conflicts, political unrest, famine, deadly floods, swarms of locusts and now COVID-19. People are desperate and hopeless. The partner church Faith Evangelical Baptist Church (FEBAC) is striving to bring healing and hope via food relief projects. Lord, would you please heal the land and the beautiful people of South Sudan?

DR Congo: This country has been going through persistent insecurity, Ebola and now COVID-19. The people are so sad and hopeless. They have the greatest natural resources in Africa, but they are hungry and their social economic system is very corrupt. The partner churches there, Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA) and Community of Baptist Churches in East Congo (CEBCE) want to make a difference through community development and peace & reconciliation. Lord, would you raise leaders with a passion for serving your people with honesty and integrity?

Rwanda: Lord, thank you for the healing and recovery process happening in Rwanda. This is a model of how far you can deliver people from and how you can develop the resilience of a nation using the church and leaders. We pray for the local church partner, AEBR, as they seek to be the witness of Christ in the overall campaign of peace and reconciliation and the alleviation of extreme poverty and other effects of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis.

Kenya: The rise of the COVID-19 cases in Kenya has affected the economy of this country and region in general. The locusts and prolonged drought have led to famine in the North Eastern region of Kenya. Local partner Africa Christian Church and Schools (ACC&S) is fighting hunger in the Embu community, and reaching out to families affected by HIV and AIDS. Lord, provide for the ACC&S to be able to respond to the overwhelming needs.

Lord we ask for provision for all these church partners as COVID-19 has affected their finances.

Lord, thank you for CBM and Canadian Baptist churches for their generosity, and we pray that you bless them and provide for their needs as well.

Lord heal the world, and stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, either via scientists who discover a vaccine, or other ways.

We thank you for your love and grace that sustains us every single day as we serve you. We pray this, in Jesus’ name.


André Sibomana