Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for both the celebration of Jesus’ birth, as well as the great anticipation of his return.  In 2020, it seems that we are in a very different world this year than the last.  From pandemic, to protests, to police violence, and an overall weary and uncertain world… this Advent season provides us an opportunity to sit and reflect on the year that we have experienced, and to rest in the truth of God’s promises.   

At CBM, we have created a set of Advent resources for you just for that purpose.  This year, 5 writers have contributed a personal Advent reflection, selected a piece of visual art, as well as written a personal and responsive prayer for your use this Advent season. 



Julia Bowering

Working with the International Partnerships team, Julia is responsible for assessing needs, designing programs and monitoring and evaluating international projects at CBM.  Her expertise in strategic planning, capacity building and leadership development is a great asset to CBM and its network of global partners. 

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“The Potters Hands” by Katharine Taylor

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Carla Nelson

Based in Canada, Carla works with CBM’s International Partnerships team and Field Staff serving in Africa.  Carla works alongside Africa Team Leader André Sibomana in supporting CBM’s initiatives, strengthening our educational programs with partners internationally and exploring new educational opportunities

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“El Salvador killed more than 75,000″

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Sonya Tetley

As a Regional Representative, Sonya’s role includes strengthening existing relationships and creating new connections with churches in Ontario and Quebec. Her ministry includes fueling the church’s passion for integral mission through CBM’s programs and engagement in strategic partnerships.

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“The Baptism of Jesus” by Mike Moyers

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Louise Hannem

Based in Halifax, Louise brings a passion for social justice and a desire to engage youth in faith that makes a difference, working alongside CBM’s Church Engagement Team.  For the past five years, Louise has served in a part-time capacity at CBM as the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator. She will continue to expand CBM’s connection to youth pastors and leaders across Canada. 

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Brenda Halk

Brenda is CBM’s Senior Associate for Strategic Projects. She works with the International Partnerships Team and CBM’s global church partners in the areas of gender based programs as well as Faith and Work Initiatives. Brenda also has extensive experience as an educator, entrepreneur and business owner.

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