Over a late November weekend, each region of the UBB denomination holds its annual association convention.

This is a time for pastors and leaders within specific departments (provinces) to address regional administration, provide various institutional reports, and fellowship together. It’s also preparation for the national convention held in March.

We were invited to join the Oruro Association as guest speakers. This allowed us to speak with and lead the group in an official capacity, but also provided a chance to talk with people one-on-one from throughout Oruro. As it can be hard to get out to every rural town, it was great to connect with lots of new people all at once and hear their stories

About Tim & Kallie Hutton

Tim and Kallie are working with the staff of CBM’s partners, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and its development arm, OBADES, to build and support effective programs and ministries. They are working to get churches involved with strategic community development projects as well as expanding the capacity of the seminary to train effective leaders.