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Brenda Halk is the Senior Associate of Vennture and Strategic Projects. She works with CBM’s global church partners in the areas of gender-based programs and Vennture, CBM’s strategic approach to the integration of faith and work, both nationally and internationally. She has extensive leadership experience in mission organizations and joined the CBM staff in 2016.

As work is a strategic mission field, Brenda co-leads Vennture initiatives in equipping individual believers to live out their faith in their respective workplaces. Brenda also facilitates churches to engage in community transformation through income-generating initiatives. These initiatives align with CBM’s model of integral mission and can be key in helping transform communities that bring lasting spiritual and social change. Her engagement in gender-based ministry involves empowering women to become effective agents of change at home, in the church, and within the wider community.

Brenda has a background in education, business and key leadership roles as a volunteer within the Baptist constituency. Her extensive experience as an educator, entrepreneur and business owner is a huge asset in carrying out her ministry in both gender-based and faith meets work programs. She lives in Waterloo, is a member of Glen Acres Baptist Church and has 3 adult children and 7 grandchildren.

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Hello friends, This is Polisi Kivava Baudouin, Relief and Development Specialist in the CBM Africa Region.

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Pray with Brenda Halk


Hi, I am Brenda Halk and I “work” with Canadian Baptist Ministries. At other times in my life, I have worked in education, in business, at home as a mother and homemaker. I have worked as a caregiver, as a volunteer and I love to work in my garden, where even the simplest tasks like watering or weeding, remind me that we are called to work, to be co-creators with God.

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Brenda Halk


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