About Gato Munyamasoko

Gato joined CBM in 2018 as a Peace and Reconciliation Specialist in Africa, having worked for CBM from 2007 to 2013. Gato supports CBM’s partners in peacebuilding in the region and has developed a Peace & Reconciliation curriculum that is the basis for his work. He is currently seconded to the Community of Baptist Churches in East Congo (CEBCE) to assist with the ongoing reunification process.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gato grew up in a refugee family after his parents left Rwanda to escape growing ethnic hatred and violence. Gato became a Christian as a teenager. Following the Rwandan Genocide, Gato’s family moved to Rwanda. He became a school director, then a leader in the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda, becoming the General Secretary between 2013 to 2018. He completed a M.T.S. degree in 2007, and in 2015 Gato received the Baptist World Alliance Congress Human Rights Award. Gato received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Acadia University in 2016.

Gato is married to Anne Marie, who works as a counselor with a B.A. in Clinical Psychology. They have seven children.

Pray with Gato Munyamasoko


Father in Heaven, I come before you in humility and in praise for you answer our prayers. Dear God , We ask you for your wisdom as we work with partners in the field. O God, I ask you to bless the work of peacebuilding and reconciliation in Congo so that people who are following teachings on different modules on peacebuilding will truly become catalysts of peace in the DRC. I pray this ministry will continue to gain more supporters so that we could reach many people in conflict. We want to help more people to engage in reconciliation and peacebuilding in their areas of conflict to reduce violence. I am also praying for the whole CBM organisation as it continues to bring hope to this broken world. May you continue to give more wisdom, strength and willingness to its leaders. May you continue to also bless CBM’s partners and supporters in ministry so that the organisation will continue to have means for supporting vulnerable people around the world. Heavenly Father, I pray also for my family, so that they will continue to be engaged in their faith. May you also guide them and help them in finishing their studies. I am praying also for my daughter who was newly wed – that their marriage will be for your glory. Thank you for hearing our prayer and for responding to our needs beyond our expectations. We pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Video Update DR Congo


Gato Munyamasoko has been working as CBM’s Peace and Reconciliation Specialist to help Churches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through a process of healing. The church has seen division for more than 20 years but thanks to the work of Gato leaders are beginning to come and learn together. Watch this exciting update that helps to tell a small part of this inspiring story.

Video Update DR Congo2021-09-23T13:59:44-04:00