About Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan was appointed as CBM’s Senior Consultant for Theological Integration in 2018. Jonathan’s role includes writing, teaching, training leaders, and learning with CBM’s partners globally, aiming to help people grow in the community of disciples of Jesus.

Jonathan spent his early working career at Gaylord Entertainment in Nashville, TN. After completing a B.A. in Bible and Missions at Welch College, he moved to Vancouver and completed a M.C.S and M.Div. at Regent College. He has a Ph.D. from Duke University and has taught at Acadia Divinity College and Carey Theological College, was ordained by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, and has pastored churches in British Columbia. Jonathan is currently a teaching fellow at Regent College and is the author of several books.

Jonathan is married to Soohwan Park, who has directed multi-cultural training programs, training in global human resources, and consulting on leadership projects for Christian non-profits globally. Her current focus is to visit and encourage local churches in Fukushima, Japan since 2011.

Pray with Jonathan Wilson


Hello friends, I'm Jonathan Wilson, and I am the senior consultant for Theological Integration with CBM. I work with all of our partners to help us ground what we do in our theological convictions about God's work in the world - that it embraces all creation, that it embraces every relationship - with God, with other humans, and the larger creation.

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Pray with Jonathan Wilson


Creator God, you who live in self-giving love as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, We praise you for all you have created. We praise you for calling us, your human creatures, to relationships with you, with one another, with non-human creation and with self. We thank you that when we are disobedient and fall short and break those relationships, your forgiveness and healing come to us through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the life of your people and all you have created. Forgive us when we continue in disobedience; teach us your ways, lead us into life. Creator, I ask for wisdom as I continue to learn about you and your ways. May I be drawn into the life to which your word bears witness. May I have understanding and insight, and write and speak clearly and faithfully. Give me creativity in fulfilling my calling while my travel is restricted. I pray for those I am mentoring in Kenya, Canada, and Russia. May each one be strengthened for the difficult ministries to which they are called. May my work with the International Baptist Theological Study Centre continue to bear fruit. Bless and guide the development of the Certificate in Creation Care, the Gospel, and the Mission of the Church that we are developing for Canadian Baptist Ministries and the European Baptist Federation. May the two programs that I have recently contributed to at CBM be launched successfully in the next year and may they fulfill our calling to make disciples and teach them to follow what Jesus teaches us in word and deed. I pray for the CBM community here in Canada. As we “return” from pandemic exile, may we be united in love and mission. Guide us as we carry the lessons of the pandemic into a new reality. Pour your Spirit upon us as we learn what our mission is particularly in this new reality. May the congregations, individuals, foundations, and others that gather with CBM to carry out our mission as God’s people be joyful in you and in giving. As the pandemic seems to be subsiding in Canada, we give you thanks but we also pray for those around the world who have borne the greatest suffering and continue to be weighed down by the pandemic. May we willingly and joyfully give ourselves and our blessings to serve others and bear witness to your overwhelming, undeserved gifts of love. Creator God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we give you thanks for life this day and for good work that you have called us to in our homes, our workplaces, our schools, our watersheds, our congregations, our neighbourhoods, and far beyond. In the gentle and powerful name of Jesus we pray, may it be so.

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Joining the Work of God


In this article, however, I invite you to consider another beginning point for “the Church.” If we think of the Church as the people whom God calls together in order to carry out God’s work in the world, then the roots of the Church go back to Genesis 1.

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