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Pray with Louise Hannem


This will be the 5th year that Jan 24 is recognized as the International Day of Education. Globally, over 250 million children and youth are not in school, and 617 million cannot read and do basic math.

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Pray with Louise Hannem


Greeting friends & Merry Christmas! It’s my joy to bring some prayer requests to you regarding the work we do together in global mission through CBM’s partners. I’m Louise Hannem.  My work as Team Lead for Global Discipleship includes overseeing the SENT program, resource development, and youth engagement.

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A Lunch Date in Lebanon


Joe and Alexi Bridi chop parsley and mince garlic in their kitchen at home in Lebanon. It looks like any other day preparing food for their family, except for two computers on their kitchen table – one computer camera facing Joe and Alexi and a second pointing toward their kitchen counter.

A Lunch Date in Lebanon2022-01-10T16:56:08-05:00