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In 2015, Patty began working as CBM’s Global Discipleship Coordinator for Bolivia. She helps manage the work of CBM’s Bolivian partner, the Bolivian Baptist Union, and its development arm OBADES, as well as with local churches. She also manages the dynamics involved in communicating effectively with our Canadian church partners. Patty’s includes coordinating visits from volunteer teams from across Canada while in Bolivia.

Patty is from La Paz, Bolivia, and is a passionate follower of Jesus. She has been invested in the local Bolivian church throughout her life, as a leader in the Baptist Bolivian Youth and also as a deacon in her local church. Before joining CBM, Patty worked as an auditor for the Norwegian Mission Alliance in Bolivia. With a degree in Finance, she is currently working towards completing her Master of Science in Management and Finance.

Her family (mother, siblings, and nephews) is in La Paz, and they have a dog named Pacha.

Patty Nacho Ministry Spring 2022


This year started in a very different way. As a family we were getting ready to celebrate the first Christmas and New Year without my dad. My dad's absence has been felt so hard over the past year. And when we were ready to close that first year, my mom and my youngest sister got COVID for the second time. Since losing my dad to Covid, there were days with a lot of uncertainty and emotional pain. Thank God this second time their symptoms were very light, and both my mother and my sister recovered from the disease quite well.

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Pray with Patty Nacho


I am Patty Nacho, and I serve in Bolivia as the Global Discipleship Coordinator. Thank you very much for your support throughout 2021. Your prayers were felt in the ministry and in my personal life.

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Get to Know Patty Nacho


CBM Field Staff, Patty Nacho, lives and works in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In this video learn more about her life and ministry.

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Pray with Patty Nacho


Our Father who is in heaven, you are always good and you are there, present to help us and protect us from evil. Thank you Abba Father.

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Patty Nacho


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