About Polisi Kivava

In 2019, Polisi began serving with CBM as the Relief and Development Specialist for Africa. This role contributes to CBM's work in integral mission through relief and community development, and programming alongside partners in the region. He provides oversight and support for projects, including the CBM and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank food assistance projects. He also supports the CBM team and partners in hosting visiting Canadians.

Before working with CBM, he was the Director of the Department of Diaconia and Development of the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA). Polisi also worked for over ten years as a program officer with the United Evangelical Mission. He is a board member of Action for Peace and Sustainable Development in the Great Lakes Region, a peace organization initiated by churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. Polisi has one Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master in Education.

He is married to Elizabeth, who works as a nurse. They have four adult children and five grandchildren.

Pray with Polisi Kivava


Dear God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, we praise you for your unlimited love for us. It is because of that love that you created us in your image, the image of love. Our prayer is that we may learn to love one another as you love us.

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Polisi Kivava Ministry Update June 2021


On Saturday 22 May 2021, the Nyiragongo Volcano, about 15 km North of Goma erupted and destroyed more than 200 houses, occasioning the death of 35 people, some caught by the lava, others in accidents and even some more by gas from the lava trying to cross. The eruption was followed by violent tremors of earthquakes, which damaged a lot of buildings.

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